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K Help us improve the performance of your Compose Multiplatform apps on iOS – we need your input! Right now we’re focusing on enhancing rendering performance and providing smooth, glitch-free, and jank-free animation in Compose Multiplatform apps on iOS. 📱🚀 We’ve just released a number of performance improvements in the preview version of Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0, including: • Natural-feel scrolling on iOS. • Faster rendering on modern 120 Hz Apple devices. 👉 Check out our latest blog post to learn more. Then, try
in your projects targeting iOS and report any lingering performance issues.
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Does 1.5.0-dev1136 already supersede 1.5.0-beta01 or how do I have to interpret this versioning?
@Michael Paus yes, 1.5.0 dev versions after beta01 include it
Just saw beta02, will try out tomorrow. 😀
Thanks for continuing to improve Compose multi platform - awesome! I have a big view that the user can pan around in and zoom in on, with a few hundred items (representing people, each with an image, a name and a few icons). Panning around seems to be significantly more janky / flickery in 1.5.0-beta01 than in 1.4.1. However, animations on the other hand seem a lot more fluid so that's good. 🙂