I can't run the ios app anymore from android studi...
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I can't run the ios app anymore from android studio since I updated to giraffe. Is there something I did wrong or is this normal?
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Got this message : Unknown run configuration type KmmRunConfiguration even though I haven't changed anything
Probably got renamed to KmpRunConfiguration 😛😁 just kidding, I don't know. Do the regular cleaning cycle, invalidate caches, open and close AS, clean gradle caches
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You might try deleting and recreating the run configuration too. I've noticed run configurations created in one version of the IDE often aren't recognized in another version.
FWIW, I'm using hedgehog canary 15 and that seems to work fine
Maybe the Kotlin Multiplatform plugin is uninstalled when you upgraded Android Studio
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Or is installed but got to update or something. It happened to me with the SQDelight plugin, I had to delete the plugin directory and re-install it. For some reason this files get corrupted sometimes during updates
You can try to clean cache: