Hey all. Trying to wrap my head around bindings an...
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Hey all. Trying to wrap my head around bindings and how to use ViewModel and ItemViewModel and getting very confused. I've been watching some of Edvin's videos on Youtube and still can't figure out how to implement my bindings properly. ­čś× I have a
whose value is displayed as the top most fold of a SqueezeBox. I am trying to, when opening the menu of said SqueezeBox fold and clicking "rename", open a modal window which will then allow me to rename it to whatever I choose. I have managed to pass the SimpleStringProperty through the various classes to the modal window, which opens correctly, but can't for the life of me figure out how to bind the value inside the text box to the SimpleStringProperty when I hit 'save'. I have created an ItemViewModel, which is what I think I need to do instead of a ViewModel (unclear) since it's just a single property, but have no idea how to implement it properly. Can anyone help me out?