11/05/2018, 11:29 AM
Hi all, I'm now really happy with this! There's a few things to go, but basically, this provides my app the ability to use a TreeView for the file system. The menu can be used to add/rename/delete (BEWARE DELETE is the full directory! I'm going to show a pop-up). It also autoscroll up and down if you go to the top or bottom (although I think there may be a bug in the getY somewhere, so I use paneY; which doesn't work when you have full height of screen unless you pop a small empty label below the pane to ensure it goes off it). It auto expands or collapses a folder underneath the drag (delayed). It only allows dropping to a Folder. The file system is changed underneath too! So be careful! I suggest you create a temporary file directory to test it in. Things to do include: Sort the drop to ROOT (this isn't possible due to the whole cell width being selected; I need to find a solution). No error is shown if move cant happen (try dropping a file with same name into one that already has it).