# tornadofx


09/11/2018, 2:32 AM
Thank you! We use Kafka at my job for everything, even the front end. Instead of using HTTP and REST or something like that, we’re using Kafka and MQTT, which means I can’t look at the network tab to see the traffic between the front end and backend. So I wanted to make something that would let me look at messages going through Kafka in an easy way, basically as a replacement for my network tab in Chrome. The routing stuff in there is a bit weird. Instead of talking to Kafka directly, I’m using this library called Camel that allows for connecting a bunch of different things rather easily. I can consume messages from Kafka by saying
and I can route / transform those messages as I need to, and send them off. In this case, I’m sending them to in-memory queues by saying
, and then consuming from those queues elsewhere. Honestly, might be a bit of overkill if I really am just focusing on Kafka