Hey all, I've stumbled upon a vexing issue with us...
# tornadofx
Hey all, I've stumbled upon a vexing issue with using the
builder within one of my views. I've gotten it working just fine in a different app that's plain Java/JavaFX, but for some reason I'm getting NPE with TornadoFX. I have a simple HTML file, that does nothing but load a stylesheet and three scripts in the body to display a full-screen animated background slideshow. My intention is to create a create a StackPane and then layer another Layout on top of it with a welcome message and sign in/out buttons. However, I cannot seem to get the
to load the HTML. Here's what I've got so far:
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class MainView : View("Hello TornadoFX") {
    override val root = stackpane {
        webview {
            val bg: String = MainView::class.java.getResource("bg.html").toExternalForm()