<@U0F3291QE> so now that I am home, I have more ti...
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@edvin so now that I am home, I have more time to respond to the "it feels off" remark. first of, the syntax
seems to be the preferred way of doing a button. (this used to be not the case and the
button("text") { action{.....}}
was normally used.) If you do this new way with the button in a vbox / hbox / form (not in a buttonbar as in my example) it will throw a nullpointer exception:
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Dec 09, 2017 8:17:50 PM tornadofx.DefaultErrorHandler uncaughtException
SEVERE: Uncaught error
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter specified as non-null is null: method tornadofx.FXKt.getChildList, parameter $receiver
	at tornadofx.FXKt.getChildList(FX.kt)
	at tornadofx.AsyncKt.runAsyncWithProgress(Async.kt:209)
	at tornadofx.AsyncKt.runAsyncWithProgress$default(Async.kt:191)
	at mcstories.app.ShowDifference$root$1$2.invoke(progressDifference.kt:21)
	at mcstories.app.ShowDifference$root$1$2.invoke(progressDifference.kt:5)
	at tornadofx.ControlsKt$action$2.handle(Controls.kt:521)
	at tornadofx.ControlsKt$action$2.handle(Controls.kt)