<@U14ECM2KV> i think you have a problem with casca...
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@ron i think you have a problem with cascading updates where your view triggers a model change which automatically updates a view, etc. I'm using MVVM to get around some this type of problem in two variations. 1. The view issues a change, but waits for an update event. The view calls on repository to change items. At the end of the items update, a fileOpened is issued. The view picks up the fileOpened event and updates its own copy of items which is a JavaFX-bound property that can be tied to a ListView. 2. The view updates itself, then optimistically issues a model change. Maintain a list of items for the view which is updated is concert with a model change update. It looks like you have to break the binding temporarily in order to work on the list of items. This might need to be replicated in other areas that use repository items. If you only have one and only one component using the keypass items, then the workaround might be acceptable.