# tornadofx


03/08/2017, 1:30 AM
If anyone's interested in the Todo app, I've updated my project to Kotlin 1.1, JVM 1.8, and TornadoFX 1.7.0. I think what I have meets the functional requirements, but it still looks like more like a traditional JavaFX program than a TornadoFX one. The main piece that's missing is the Type Safe Builders. I'll be able to work on that a little tomorrow. If you work on this, please get familiar with a regression test involving filters, additions, select all, and viewable items. Notice that the items drop off if the filtering criteria is set and items are changed via the select all or the individual check boxes. I've tested this operator-for-operation against another Java app in the project:todomvcfx.mvvmfx.MvvmfxApp. I'm sure there's a lot to trim, but I think it's important to keep the author's intent for a fair comparison. If we can throw everything in a single listview {}, great, but let's not shed requirements.