<@U25U0KPFT> Yeah, as long as the rest service and...
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@carlw Yeah, as long as the rest service and the EJBs are in the same module you will only see a small period where the clients will receive 404. That is solved in my approach, but further more, it is possible for the rest endpoint to call EJBs in other modules, and restart them without the rest interface going down as well. If you declare module dependencies between them, the container will restart the rest module if you just redeploy the service module. You are right in that I solve this with a busy loop, but the important takeaway is that I avoid the restart of the Rest module. This is not a big issue for rest, but it is giant for a JSF application with SessionScoped or ViewScoped beans. A restart there is catastrofic compared to restarting a rest interface, as it kills or view state etc. Hm.. maybe I should mention that in the article.