I'm trying to use `CreateStartScripts` for a targe...
# gradle
I'm trying to use
for a target in the JVM part of a multiplatform project. The usual setting classpath via
tasks.getByName("jar").outputs.files + configurations.getByName("runtimeClasspath")
does not work. Anyone know the right values? I've tried
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classpath = tasks.getByName("jar").outputs.files +
      tasks.getByName("jvmJar").outputs.files +
but it doesn't work. The script doesn't have the right classpath. Its missing the jar that is output in
and it also seems to be missing some core stuff like "coroutines" that is defined in common. SOLVED, seems to work:
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val backendJar by tasks.existing
  val backendRuntimeClasspath by configurations.existing
  classpath = files(backendJar, backendRuntimeClasspath)
See also https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-50227