Hi guys! I have some troubles with a common multip...
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Hi guys! I have some troubles with a common multiplatform project: I have a common module, which is a multiplatform module. I have a JVM module which has a ktor backend. I want to add this common module as a dependency to the JVM module:
But the android studio cannot resolve any reference from it. However, I can build and run the project just fine. I use Android studio (4.2 canary 14) Is there any setup I can try out? Or does someone have any pointers how to: • setup multiplatform library in 1 module • Have a JVM module depend on it • HAve Android studio (aka intellij) resolve things nicely I can publish the project to my local maven, and then I can use this:
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Which works fine. However, I don't want to include it like that as it makes no sense. I have another KMP module which also usese
and an Android module, all work just fine. Only my JVM backend module doesn't