Good morning from Germany, I have a question regar...
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Good morning from Germany, I have a question regarding kotlin-dsl. Is it possible to upgrade the version of kotlin-dsl without having to upgrade Gradle, too, or is it always bundled with Gradle? I’m asking because it’s been a while since Kotlin 1.2.41 was released however the version of kotlin-dsl bundled with the latest stable version of Gradle (4.7) still depends on 1.2.31. Although I’m using 1.2.41 in my Android project I get a weird “Outdated Kotlin version” warning every time I open the project in Android Studio. I believe the reason for this is the outdated Kotlin version bundled with kotlin-dsl. Also the latest supported version of Gradle in Android Studio is 4.5 so I’d rather stay on Gradle 4.5 but be able to use Kotlin 1.2.41 in kotlin-dsl and the rest of my project.