> Does project “B” have to know that project “A...
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Does project “B” have to know that project “A” has transient dependencies in two different repositories, requiring me to and include both of those repositories in project “B”’s configuration?
i do believe that project B depends on A, then B needs to also be able to resolve those dependencies so will also need a repository. can fairly easily be tested by removing repositories in project B and having project B depend on A. Gradle may handle the "exposed" elements of project A (like the
configuration) so it does not need all the dependencies
does the maven pom of a project include repository information for transient dependencies?
i think that's a different question, and from my experience the answer is no (definitely for OSS, and havent seen it in any work ive done). published POMs generally dont contain the references as to where to get their transitive dependencies, just the declarations of those dependencies