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@bamboo Starting to notice a weird trend: In
files being viewed in intellij: In plugins that use nested inner classes/inerfaces, intellij doesn't seem to be able to find the symbols. I have the following code:
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spotless {
    java {
        eclipse() // Having a problem here

 * Retrieves or configures the [spotless][com.diffplug.gradle.spotless.SpotlessExtension] project extension.
fun Project.`spotless`(configure: com.diffplug.gradle.spotless.SpotlessExtension.() -> Unit = {}) =
    extensions.getByName<com.diffplug.gradle.spotless.SpotlessExtension>("spotless").apply { configure() }
Intellij can't resolve the return value of this method: https://github.com/diffplug/spotless/blob/master/plugin-gradle/src/main/java/com/diffplug/gradle/spotless/JavaExtension.java#L106-L108