<@U0QBCLV62> I'm not sure if this is a limitation ...
# gradle
@bamboo I'm not sure if this is a limitation of gradle or kotlin:
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    override val configuration: CodegenConfigurator by lazy { project.extensions.getByType(CodegenConfigurator::class.java) }
This throws an exception because:
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Could not add entry ':PlexxiSwagger:Spec:swagger' to cache taskHistory.bin (/Users/jonathanleitschuh/work/git/plexxicontrol/.gradle/3.5-20170217174236+0000/taskHistory/taskHistory.bin).
> Unable to store task input properties. Property 'configuration' with value 'io.swagger.codegen.config.CodegenConfigurator_Decorated@735e4fd' cannot be serialized.
I know that the undecorated
is serializable because I made it so that it was: https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen/blob/master/modules/swagger-codegen/src/main/java/io/swagger/codegen/config/CodegenConfigurator.java#L38 Is this because of the extensions plugin? 3 replies Is there a simple thing I can cast it to to get the undecorated instance of the object?