# coroutines


10/14/2017, 6:38 AM
Coroutines are here to stay in the language, but their design will change (will get finalized) in future updates. For one,
will be dropped from the package name and some other tweaks might be introduced (two resume functions might be merged into one, for example, resolve and type inferences will be tweaked/improved, etc). There will be some migration required to go from "experimental" coroutines to "finalized" coroutines and we'll provide tools to aid in this migration and the support library with all the
packages so that old (non-migrated) code can run. This will not happen in Kotlin 1.2, though. Coroutines in 1.2 will stay the same as in 1.1 and will be backwards compatible (no migration is needed to go from coroutines in 1.1 to coroutines in 1.2).
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