<@U2E974ELT> Thanks a lot for the detailed explana...
# coroutines
@elizarov Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. IMHO "Coroutines for Kotlin” document needs a section with what you've written above 🙂 (also something you mentioned about jdk1.0 code being badly written because nobody knew how to program java at the time was a good point) I mostly done enterprise java (whatever that means) and have no experience with animation or Go. Coroutines do look useful to me for async computations and UI and I’m happy to try them on “real” project but this might involve explaining to other people why it’s a good idea. "Coroutines for Kotlin” document is good but probably a bit too long (and intimidating) to make a quick argument. This is why I mentioned example written in both coroutine/non-coroutine styles (I understand now that this is somewhat out-of-scope and you don’t want to commit to any particular API for now).