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📣 JetBrains is delighted to sponsor the iNeuron Hack-a-thon 2.0. Taking place at the iNeuron office in Bengaluru, this in-person Kotlin developer hackathon will start at 10:00 am, June 18, and last for 24 hours. Sign up to collaborate and compete with your peers and win amazing prizes! 🥇 First place – INR 50,000 Amazon gift card 🥈 Second place – INR 30,000 Amazon gift card 🥉 Third place – INR 20,000 Amazon gift card virtual meeting As an added bonus, you’ll also get to interact with the Kotlin team during an AMA session.Register for the iNeuron Hack-a-thon 2.0 today. Don’t delay! The number of available slots is limited. Register here - https://hackathon.ineuron.ai/jetbrains Slack Conversation