So, with kotlin 1.1.1 and androidannotations 4.2.0...
# kapt
So, with kotlin 1.1.1 and androidannotations 4.2.0, I’m facing this issue: With
apply plugin: 'kotlin-kapt'
, build fails everytime, says it can’t find some of the generated classes, like
, that sort of did happen with K 1.0.6 too, but did not stop the build and second run was clean; now it tells me to check the classpath Sample error lines:
e: /Users/(…)/app/src/main/kotlin/PathToMyClass.kt: (48, 54): Unresolved reference: Prefs_
e: /Users/(…)/app/src/main/kotlin/PathToAnotherClass.kt: (99, 28): Cannot access class 'Prefs_'. Check your module classpath for missing or conflicting dependencies
plugin, build succeeds, but does not generate code for inherited properties Does anyone have a similar issue or knows where the honey badger is hiding?