Hey, everyone, what a beautiful day. :sun_with_fac...
# opensource
Hey, everyone, what a beautiful day. 🌞 I am excited to share that I have published my new library called 
 - on maven today - Jetpack Compose custom-built and open-source design system with custom components and a customizable theme that focuses on the many intricate areas to allow end-users to leverage a drop-in replacement for their Multi-platform Compose projects. Looking for feedback/contributions if you may. The library has 3 artifacts
 -> core foundation themeable components
 -> Icons library with some custom icons
 -> Illustration library with some custom illustrations with a custom component Link: https://github.com/aldefy/Andromeda Supporting Blog: https://www.aditlal.dev/design-systems-with-jetpack-compose/ Document site:  https://aldefy.github.io/Andromeda/ (bare bones - WIP ) Catalog app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=design.andromedacompose.catalog