I've started a project named KBuild, with the goal...
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I've started a project named KBuild, with the goal of creating a build library to be used in Kotlin Scripts that can successfully replace Gradle as a whole. I'd like input on its design before I get too far into it; I do have it building Kotlin-only projects with Maven dependencies already. Please take a look and come discuss in #kbuild! This is not Kobalt or Kobalt-like. It's a build library, not a build system, and its designed to run with vanilla Kotlin files/scripts. Kotlin Multiplatform support is planned and being taken very seriously. I'm tired of fiddling with Gradle on my set of multiplatform libraries, and tired of the weird structure I have to put up with when I write Gradle plugins. I want proper, plain Kotlin. https://github.com/UnknownJoe796/kbuild
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