Kweb now works with <> to ...
# kweb
Kweb now works with to allow “hot-refresh”, as of version 0.0.27. Modify your code, hit Cmd+Shift+F9 (rebuild in IDEA), your change will automatically be loaded and your browser will refresh to show the change, just like the more sophisticated JavaScript frameworks. Just install HotSwapAgent, add
-XXaltjvm=dcevm -javaagent:hotswap-agent.jar
to your VM options per the HotSwapAgent instructions, and then add
refreshPageOnHotswap = true
to the constructor parameters when you create your KWeb object. HotSwapAgent is comparable to JRebel, but unlike JRebel it is open source and freely available. Like many other things in KWeb right now I still need to document this (I’ve been holding-off on documentation until the API stabilizes more).
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