# multiplatform


12/22/2021, 3:28 PM
I have a suggestion for the documentation on building final native binaries. The last dependency without M1 support that our app used finally started supporting it so I went to update our build. Our setup is iOS/Android App using a shared Kotlin Framework/AAR. I thought that I needed to convert the gradle script to start creating an XCFramework. I followed the instructions for that but there wasn’t any for how to integrate that into Xcode. I took out the
command from the build phases and replaced it with one that would assemble the XCFramework in debug or release mode. Then I hit a wall while trying to add the appropriate linker arguments. After searching around for other examples of how to do this, I finally found the RSS reader sample and noticed that it had a comment to uncomment the line defining the iOS ARM simulator target. So I reverted most of the work that I did, defined the ARM simulator target and everything was good. The docs should just remove the fat framework section and replace it with the instructions to building the framework through Xcode using the
task and then in the XCFramework section it should mention that this is only necessary if the framework is to be distributed to people that won’t be building the library from source. It would have saved me several hours of trial and error.
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