Hi folks ! I’m a CS student in the 6th semester at...
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Hi folks ! I’m a CS student in the 6th semester at HEIG-VD. I’ve been working on my bachelor thesis for the last weeks, and thought it might be interesting to share, since it’s a KMM project. I’ve created an online collaborative Markdown editor, using Kotlin/JS for the frontend and with a replication server in Kotlin/JVM. The editor uses some CRDTs to sync text across the clients. Messages are Protobuf-serialized with
, and sent / received through websockets with Ktor. An interesting challenge was to design a nice abstraction layer around CRDTs with first-class support for coroutines and flows (in order, for instance, to collect editor state changes through a
). My thesis is ending soon, but I’d love to get some feedback on my work (especially if you’re interested in CRDTs and distributed systems) and my usage of KMM, so I can integrate it in the project ! The project is available on Github : https://github.com/markdown-party/mono Feedback (via email or Slack) : alexandre.piveteau@heig-vd.ch
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