Christian Gaisl

05/03/2021, 9:01 PM
Hi, I have a question regarding the different ways to share a shared KMM libary with iOS: Judging by the two options that I get when creating a KMM project in Android Studio, I presume that creating and consuming an ObjectC framework and creating a cocoapod are the two main options. I have not been able to find a comprehensive comparison between the two, what are the pros & cons, when should I use one over the other? The only thing going for the cocoapods approach seems to be “ability to interoperate with frameworks distributed via cocoaPods”. But I can’t use those in Kotlin code anyway(?), so why not go with the framework approach and handle pod dependencies with a podfile in Xcode? Also, every example project I could find uses the framework approach, but in Android studio the cocoapods approach is the default one? In one of my earlier posts, in ran into some issues with the cocoapods approach, what are the drawbacks of using the framework one compared to it? btw. my use case is building a KMM Android&iOS app only