Big Chungus

04/03/2021, 4:22 PM
Hi all. I've created a GitHub project template for kotlin multiplatform libraries. It comes with a lot of preconfigured goodies to help you kickstart your projects. Star if you like it and don't forget to leave any feedback you might have in a form of Issue, PR or even DM here. Currently it features the following: • Native target grouping and shared sourceSets • Wrapper library module that declares dependencies on all lib modules • Uniform configuration via
• Local
module for shared test utilities (a helper function to run coroutine tests in common sourceSet included) • Local
module for easy library consumer side checks • Publication control to avoid multiple publications for targets that can be built on multiple hosts •
plugin with automatic
plugin for better version control • Main host for publications can be changed via
property P.S. Commonizer breaks if I bump kotlin version to 1.5.0-M2, Might be something JB folks want to look into as a potential regression. Slack Conversation
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