02/14/2021, 2:27 PM
I have a curiosity. As I was trying to apply this to my project yesterday: CocoaPods integration—Kotlin and feeling it didn’t really work, how are we supposed to use this? Develop in common -> build -> go into your common/build/syntetic/IOS/yada yada and then work from there, really? PS: How do we change the path of this, I know but I couldn’t edit the scripts that do it, am I supposed to know this? PS2: Isn’t this something that is supposed to integrate with your running project? PS3: Did anyone tried this on something other than a test project rom scratch? And before that going through the disaster of trying to work with the Android preview version. Is there any space to partner with some external developers and try to apply and publish this solutions up to date in an environment that it’s not something (and I really feel like it, even then it may not be) like “it works in my machine” situation? What about videos of this solutions? Videos of the struggles to make them work? All the red messages and stones in the way. I can’t believe my machine is the only one rigged for disaster. As a community that is using KMM, do we have anyone organizing this? (Yea, I know about taking ownership and doing it yourself approach: kmm-basics) Besides this, I wish you all a good week end