Hello, I am getting this error when exporting the ...
# multiplatform
Hello, I am getting this error when exporting the iOS archive. Any idea?
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Found an unexpected Mach-O header code: 0x72613c21
The gradle task to generate a fat static framework
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task packForXCode(type: FatFrameworkTask) {
    // The fat framework must have the same base name as the initial frameworks.
    baseName = "FrameworkName"

    // The default destination directory is '<build directory>/fat-framework'.
    destinationDir = file("$buildDir/xcode-frameworks")

    final String mode = System.getenv("CONFIGURATION")?.toUpperCase() ?: "DEBUG"
            kotlin.targets."iosArm32".binaries.findFramework("FrameworkName", mode),
            kotlin.targets."iosArm64".binaries.findFramework("FrameworkName", mode)
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targets {
        configure([ios, iosArm32, iosArm64]) {
            binaries {
                framework('FrameworkName') {
                    freeCompilerArgs += "-Xobjc-generics"
                    freeCompilerArgs += "-Xg0"

                    export "somedependency"
                    transitiveExport = true

                    isStatic = true