Arkadii Ivanov

03/06/2020, 5:38 PM
I have published the first version (2.0.0-preview1) of MVIKotlin - (first?) Kotlin Multiplatform MVI framework. Features: * Multiplatform: Android, JVM, JavaScript, iosX64, iosArm64, linuxX64 * Does not depend on any reactive library or coroutines * Extensions for Reaktive library * Extensions for Coroutines * Multithreading friendly (freezable in Kotlin Native if needed) * Logging functionality with adjustable verboseness and ability to provide custom logger * Time travel feature: * Multiplatform for all supported targets * Plug-and-play UI for Android * Plug-and-play UI for iOS (copy-paste from the sample app) * Export/import events for JVM and Android
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