Hi :slight_smile: I'd like to present you a Kotlin...
# multiplatform
Hi slight smile I'd like to present you a Kotlin/Multiplatform wrapper for Firebase! I am still working on it but I'd like some feedback and help. https://github.com/lamba92/firebase-multiplatform As of now, there are 3 modules: storage, auth and core! It wraps the client Firebase SDKs for JS, iOS (ARM64 and x86) and Android. It's still in early stage, every issue report is welcomed. Also, I do not own a Mac, someone with one that could help would be really nice! I'd like to point out that the
module contains a Dukat generated Firebase JS externals that have been revisited by hand (probably still incorrect tho). Importing the
module allows to access those externals as well! The There is no documentation at the moment, but the APIs are really similar to the Android ones. Thank you!
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