I'm having issue, calling jvm preset method in spr...
# multiplatform
I'm having issue, calling jvm preset method in spring rest controller, I'm receiving class not found exception . I have a multiplatform library. With 3 targets. 1- presets.jvm named backend, with kotlinOptions jvm Target = '1.8' 2- presets.android named android 3- presets.iosX64 named iosEmulator For each module consuming the library I have added: implementation project(':libraryname') When running my android app I successfully see the platform specific message printed. The same for ios. But when my spring boot backend try to call the library method. I get a classnotfound exception . 1- I think the issue might be that it's see two jvm target (backend and android) and doesn't know which one to select? But in this case shouldn't gradle fail the build? 2- spring boot did not add the jar in uber.jar classpath even if it's as been added by as a gradle dependency? But in this case my import should not be accessible when I'm trying to build and launch the backend. I have specified the jvmTarget as java8 in the spring backend and the multi-platform library backend target. Any idea what could be the issue?