<@UQPM31Q1Y> Keys with the same value but a differ...
# http4k
@Fantayeneh Keys with the same value but a different case will override each other. Here's a test showing this working:
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    fun `keys use converted case`() {
        val lens = <http://EnvironmentKey.int|EnvironmentKey.int>().required("FOO")
        assertThrows<LensFailure> { lens(env) }

        val withInjectedValue = env.with(lens of 80)
        assertThat(lens(withInjectedValue), equalTo(80))

        assertThat(withInjectedValue["foo"], equalTo("80"))

        assertThat(<http://EnvironmentKey.int|EnvironmentKey.int>().required("FOO")(withInjectedValue), equalTo(80))