If thats not entertaining enough -- recommend curi...
# http4k
If thats not entertaining enough -- recommend curious people to fully read and attempt to comprehend https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#section-2.4 full of precise and easy to understand paragraphs like: A subset of the reserved characters (gen-delims) is used as delimiters of the generic URI components described in Section 3. A component's ABNF syntax rule will not use the reserved or gen-delims rule names directly; instead, each syntax rule lists the characters allowed within that component (i.e., not delimiting it), and any of those characters that are also in the reserved set are "reserved" for use as subcomponent delimiters within the component. Only the most common subcomponents are defined by this specification; other subcomponents may be defined by a URI scheme's specification, or by the implementation-specific syntax of a URI's dereferencing algorithm, provided that such subcomponents are delimited by characters in the reserved set allowed within that component.
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