# http4k


02/01/2019, 1:48 AM
@DALDEI Thank you so much for those words! It makes us extremely happy to see people having this kind of experience using http4k. We've tried our best to elevate the basic concepts of the library in our docs, and even tried to convey in our talks that our core is so small that people could just try and write it themselves on top of whatever web stack they're currently using. I personally feel that we're still swimming against the tide of overcomplicated frameworks though. Many people I speak to still believe the notion that one needs something like Spring in order to be productive. We, on the other hand, value simplicity and testability, and have found Kotlin to be a great medium to create simple HTTP building blocks, and show that basic composition can go a long way. The fact we have 30+ modules, all of them small, and people can just pick and choose the bits they need, to me is also a measure of success. To give credit where credit is due, @dave has done a brilliant job at keeping http4k evolving and giving a first class level of support to its community. My volume of contribution is small nowadays, and my time to help people practically non-existing, so I'm extremely grateful for all of his hard work. Back to your feedback, we'll try and find new ways to present our approach. Since we started writing http4k we've replicated the same few patterns of implementation in various projects, and you're right: sometimes "seeing the obvious" is very hard...