<@U3K70UN9H> sorry - I wasn’t very clear. We’re ob...
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@xenomachina sorry - I wasn’t very clear. We’re obviously happy to add comments where the behaviour isn’t very clear from just the names and types of the arguments (the various
classes are a good example of this). Making code that doesn't need commenting is the goal! 😃 But a lot of the time comments simply aren’t necessary (comments would just echo the signature) and would just bloat the code, or you really need to see the context of how something is used and then it becomes clearer (hence the cookbook on the site). With regards to “undocumented behaviour”, if it’s important enough for people to rely on a concept, we try to add a cookbook example as we can be more detailed there. But even the cookbook can go stale - tests are another way in which we can document behaviour in a "live" way, albeit at a lower level.