12/11/2017, 9:07 PM
Hiya! I was going to implement a new server integration using the WebServer from apache http-core, for people that already use the apache http-client and like the idea of not having to pull in any more dependencies for the server bit. I've managed to do the implementation and it passes almost all of the test in ServerContract, apart from the Method test. This is because http-core does not support PURGE as a method, most likely because it is not "standard" and part of the RFCs. I know that PURGE tends to be used by some caches, but is not one that servers are required to support AFAIK. What i was wondering is if it correct then that the ServerContract specifies that the server must support that method, or would be ok with modifying the contract spec to include all methods apart from PURGE? I can easily make that change as part of any PR, but of course don't want to go ahead without consulting you here first. Thoughts?