I'm currently using hilt in a single gradle module...
# dagger
I'm currently using hilt in a single gradle module application. Everything works great. Now I added a new module called featureX. featureX contains a ChatActivity and ChatViewModel. I also want to use dependency injection in this new gradle module. In my app module I added
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then to featureX build.gradle.kts I added
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If I build the app and navigate to ChatActivity. Everything works fine. As expected, I'm not introducing DI yet. I add a new class to featureX
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class Blah @Inject constructor() {
    fun getName(): String {
        return "x"
run. Compiles. As expected. Then I go to ChatActivity (my only activity in featureX)
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class ChatActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    @Inject lateinit var blah: Blah
compiles, but crashes at Runtime.
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Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.rollertoaster.app.DaggerRollerToasterApplication_HiltComponents_SingletonC$ActivityRetainedCImpl$ActivityCImpl cannot be cast to com.rollertoaster.featureX.ChatActivity_GeneratedInjector
Ideas? It's my first time using multi modules and I'm not great at dagger/hilt and so maybe I'm making a noob mistake here. EDIT: Clean and rebuild fixed it. ­čśş
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