Hey, I have this case where I need to lookup somet...
# android-architecture
Hey, I have this case where I need to lookup something in a database, and the column contains json, but I need to search via a json field And, I cannot have the JSON1 extension because reasons. Would you 1. SELECT all and then firstOrNull on the json field in kotlin 2. SELECT WHERE LIKE %blabla LIMIT 1 (i.e. try to precisely query via sql and mess around with likes 3. Dont use json, normalize it into multiple columns Intuitively it feels size depentant, but its mobile app, so its like ..50rows I guess Would you say its size dependant at all? I tried both, and performance is 2x better with variant 2, however its 5 vs 10ms┬á­čśä But I also worry about the LIKE getting messed up, it is json after all... Would you say the only downside ofr the variant 1 is memory pressure of the new instances? Is that even a issue in your eyes? Maybe lazy-cursor the search