Just dipping my toes into kotlin multiplatform. I ...
# squarelibraries
Just dipping my toes into kotlin multiplatform. I primarily want to build an android app and a desktop app (for faster feedback loop on things like composables). I was trying to think if theres any other code that could easily be shared with desktop and thought maybe my retrofit code? I saw this with Jakes reply https://github.com/square/retrofit/issues/3181 and it makes it seem like it wouldn't be possible to share code on desktop? But since retrofit is completely agnostic to android... I should be able to make it work, right? Edit: I guess sort of thinking about my question. There's nothing stopping me from packaging up my teams api into something called
and then just having that "library" consumed by my android app, a swing desktop app, and a cmd line text adventure app... right? So maybe this has nothing to do with kotlin multiplatform at all? I'm a complete noob at all things not android (dont write swing apps or even cmd line apps) and so that's why I'm kinda second guessing myself here.