# koin

Ben Abramovitch

08/31/2020, 3:24 PM
Anyone have any idea why I would be getting NoBeanDefFoundExceptions randomly, when the app works almost all the time, but sometimes this happens? It seems to be happening entirely in KoinComponent files (although it happens in 1 service where I accidentally added KoinComponent so its unclear if that would stop) The definitions are 100% set up correctly. The app would be a disaster if they weren't. One of these exceptions happens in FirebaseMessagingService which will block a notification from being shown unless i wrap it with a try catch for the NoBeanDefFoundExceptions and show a very bare notification as a result which is less than ideal... I've seen it on Android 8, 8.1, 9. Happened 19 times in the past 90 days. It was happening on 2.0.1 and then I upgraded to 2.1.5 and it's still happening.