How can I register such a class in `SerializersMod...
# serialization
How can I register such a class in
SerializersModule { }
(or why do I even need to?):
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interface EnumMapping<K : Enum<K>, V> : Map<K, V>

data class EnumMappingImpl<K : Enum<K>, V>(
        private val backingMap: Map<K, V>,
) : EnumMapping<K, V>, Map<K, V> by backingMap
I have tried a polymorphic but it complains when using an instance of a
class as key.
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SerializersModule {
    polymorphic(EnumMapping::class) {
        subclass(EnumMappingImpl.serializer(PolymorphicSerializer(Any::class), PolymorphicSerializer(Any::class)))