It packs DI, Custom error handling, throwable hand...
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It packs DI, Custom error handling, throwable handling and IO effect suspension all in one efficient datatype defined over
functions with an underlying effect aware runtime and event loop that is going to be stacksafe and performant. Additionally allows you to describe entire architectures just as pure functions and suspended effects. Supports concurrency out of the box and implements the Effects type classes so you can run your programs thanks to Arrow's polymorphism to any framework. It complements and is comptaible with
based programs and adds extra layers of safety atop the coroutines
model generalized and stack safe for all monad capable data types. If you've followed John De Goes latest work on Evironment + Zio. This is the Kotlin version of it which we had already supported before through the typeclassless technique pioneered by @pakoito and the Reader/Kleisli types but not over
. The future of Arrow effects is
and pure imperative syntax for effects based programs.
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