The following works fine: ``` fun main(args: Array...
# klaxon
The following works fine:
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fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    data class Result(val id: Long)
    data class Derpi(val search: List<Result>)
    val text = URL("<>").readText()
    val json = Klaxon().parse<Derpi>(text)
    println("RESULT: $json")
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RESULT: Derpi(search=[Result(id=1695132), Result(id=1694770), Result(id=1693374), Result(id=1692579), Result(id=1690827), Result(id=1690779), Result(id=1690221), Result(id=1690215), Result(id=1690187), Result(id=1685524), Result(id=1685523), Result(id=1685518), Result(id=1684246), Result(id=1678751), Result(id=1678717)])