08/08/2022, 12:03 AM
Hi all, (again). Just wanted to share my approach in sharing state from a common ViewModel with kmp-native-coroutines. My viewmodel is defined
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// commonMain
class LoginViewModel(..) : ViewModel() {
  private val stateFlow: MutableStateFlow<LoginState> = MutableStateFlow(defaultState)

  val states: StateFlow<LoginState> = stateFlow.asStateFlow()
on ios, i have
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class LoginViewModelDelegate: ObservableObject {

  @Published var state: LoginLoginState = LoginLoginState.companion.DEFAULT
  private let viewModel: LoginLoginViewModel = AppModule.LoginModule().viewModel

  private var stateCollection: Task<Void, Error>? = nil

  func collect() {
    stateCollection = Task {
      let states = asyncStream(for: viewModel.statesNative)
      for try await _state in states {
        self.state = _state

  func cancel() {
and the swiftUi view looks like
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struct LoginScreen: View {
  @StateObject private var viewModelDelegate = LoginViewModelDelegate()

  var body: some View {
      state: viewModelDelegate.state,
      onChange: { state in
        viewModelDelegate.onChange(state: state)
      onSubmit: { state in
        viewModelDelegate.onSubmit(state: state)
    .onAppear(perform: viewModelDelegate.collect)
    .onDisappear(perform: viewModelDelegate.cancel)
This works, but i dont like it 🤔 Is there a way to avoid having two "ViewModel"s ( view model and the delegate) here?