Hey Everybody, My final Xcode project (project 2)...
# ios
Hey Everybody, My final Xcode project (project 2) depend on another Xcode project (project 1). This is this last one which calls my Kotlin library. Note that project 1 build as it finds my kotlin lib. Nevertheless, the project 2 doesn’t build, even with the path to my kotlin library in my Podfile. Yet, my kotlin pod is well in my development pods, as the other swift pods. And my kotlin gradle contains the lines : - podfile = project.file(“path/to/project2/Podfile”) and - podfile = project.file(“path/to/project1/Podfile”) Xcode tells me : “No such module ‘Kotlin library’“. So please, what am I doing wrong ? For information, my Development pods architecture is : - Pods/Development pods/“Kotlin lib”/Frameworks/ “Kotlin lib”.frameworks - Pods/Development pods/“Kotlin lib”/Pod/ “Kotlin lib”.podspec - Pods/Development pods/“Kotlin lib”/Support Files/“Kotlin lib”.debug.xcconfig - and Pods/Development pods/“Kotlin lib”/Support Files/“Kotlin lib”.release.xcconfig. Thanks in advance for your help, I have to deliver on monday. Take care ;)