I think, the idea behind Graviton is really intere...
# graviton-browser
I think, the idea behind Graviton is really interesting, and I personally like JavaFx a lot (even without Kotlin/TornadoFx, it’s a solid UI framework that makes many things easier compared to HTML/JS, when working on a SPA rather than a website). However, I know that Java/JavaFx is not the go to tool for most desktop app developers, and even most Java developers can care less about JavaFx. Java and Java applications are also extremely unpopular among end users (and this attitude, formed long time ago, is not without merit even today). Java desktop apps can certainly compete with Electron apps, but the latter have the benefit of not having the same stigma (yet?). And competing with native apps and app stores is out of question, IMO (Sulong probably won’t be a game changer). But maybe all that matters is how they compare to SPAs (Gmail, Google Docs, various chats apps like Disqus and Slack, etc.), which users increasingly prefer over installing desktop apps whenever they can, even though those same users often perceive browsers as memory hogs. I have a feeling that A LOT of developer and end-user advocacy would have to be done for Graviton to take off, with “Java” obviously better not mentioned anywhere in end-user facing advocacy. I don’t need any convincing, but I’m wondering how are you going to win non-believers over? I think, one should be very conscious and realistic about addressing these kinds of things. There is also a perception that web standards are open standards and JavaFx is proprietary. And same code working on mobile devices is an important factor in favor of a web based approach.