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Karolina Hojka [VL]

06/12/2020, 1:37 PM #2 - Kotlin & Cloud & Scala is coming! 🙌 This time we created a three-tracked event with space for Kotlin Ecosystem enthusiasts to virtually meet, chat and hear from experts about their lessons learned and best practices 👏 On the agenda: • Building Kotlin DSL by Marcin Moskala, founder of the Kt. Academy • Type Proofs and Functional Programming for the Kotlin Type System by Raul Raja, CTO & Co-funder at 47 Degrees, Arrow maintainer      … and also two parallel content-packed sessions dedicated to Scala Dev Tooling and Cloud-Native Applications Development 🔥   Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, share, connect with specialists and enthusiasts from different software backgrounds 💪  Also, thanks to the kindness of our friends from Kt.Academy, participants of Kotlin will have the chance to buy Effective Kotlin ebook by Marcin Moskala with a special discount at their booth in the Expo Area. Register today ⤵️