I run tests for the JS platform (defined in common...
# minutest
I run tests for the JS platform (defined in common and in JS) with the help of kotlin.test + com.moowork.gradle:gradle-node-plugin + mocha Following a snippet of the generated test JavaScript code
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suite('ch.tutteli.atrium.core.polyfills', false, function () {
    suite('AtriumPropertyTest', false, function () {
      test('get_undefined_returnsNull', false, function () {
        return (new AtriumPropertyTest()).get_undefined_returnsNull();
suite comes from kotlin_test.kotlin.test.suite and delegates to mocha, jasmine and the like which means, you could call suite as well and if you are lucky it runs out of the box (with the necessary setup for com.moowork.gradle:gradle-node-plugin + mocha for instance -- see https://github.com/robstoll/atrium/tree/master/misc/examples/js/mocha)