# compose

Sergey Y.

09/13/2021, 6:19 PM
I created an app with a list like Twitter list, text, images, retweets, etc. Tested on Nexus 5 (2013), Pixel 2XL and Galaxy S10. Build type release + R8 + triggered full AOT (as on the user's device after downloading from Google Play). I must say, the results surprised me. The last two showed excellent results, which is not surprising. But the 8-year-old Nexus 5 with custom Android 10 on board has performed very well. Well, it's not a constant 60fps, but very comfortable and responsive, it's hard to notice performance dips with GPU Profiler disabled. I haven't done any benchmarks, but you can see the GPU Profiler graph on the videos. All data on the screen is random and loaded from my local server built using Ktor to be as close as possible to the real use case.